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女 you’re the best

❀ nice theme

■ i don’t like you

♣ can we be friends?

▲ i hate your blog

♥ i love your blog

◊ marry me?

© nice tumblr

☆ i like you

♫ check out my blog?

❥ nice name

☂ you’re original

Φ i want to have sex with you

ӿ you’re sexy

☯ nice posts 

☪ i’m your fan

₪ I’m too shy to write to you

≈ you’re my inspiration

✪ you’re my princess/prince/princi


夏重 (中國 China) as 哈爾 Howl哈爾移動城堡 | Howl’s Moving Castle
Anonymous sent: Im sorry but did you RPed as roxy yesterday, on msparp?

Nope, i’m sorry!


yo im selling this alpine sofa. starting price is 2400 bells inbox me if youre interested


sometimes I think about anime Trip
and wherever he is I hope hes happy


So I am again in a tight spot until the end of the month (=bills came and had to be payed).
It’s nothing serious! But in order to save some more money to buy groceries etc. I am opening some emergency flat color commissions!

  • Each commission will be 10€/12$
  • Only one…

he is the most beautiful magical girl

Kids work together to create eternal recess