Yeah. So I was driving home from the airport and got the random idea of Eridan as a russian nesting doll.
Anonymous sent: wait what happened what did heaven slye scam people?


she’s scammed dozens of people out of money amounting to what seems to be somewhere between one and two thousand dollars (judging by how many people came forward with their accounts on her) on commissions that were either never delivered or made extremely poorly (despite what she claims, she is a very shoddy seamstress who, in all honesty, really should not have the audacity to try to sell her ‘skill’, especially at the prices she has charged). she also took credit for a costume i made and sold to her and basically pulled a lot of really rotten two-faced shit.

there’s lots to it but here’s the call out post from last year. go through the notes for more stories from the many people who have had terrible experiences with her.

i REALLY doubt that she’s changed. she has refunded a few people, but not all (i have personally spoken to and know people who haven’t gotten a cent back from her), and she’s continued to avoid and ignore others. when she was first called out she promised never to take commissions again, but here she is. i would be EXTREMELY wary commissioning anything from her- not just because you may never receive your commission or your money back, but because her work is of very low quality anyway. there are many more much more trustworthy commissioners now out there who will deliver you a quality custom project and not run off with your money to support their own hobby instead while blocking you from all methods of contacting them ever again.

feel free to reblog this post, because people deserve to know the history of someone they may be considering commissioning.

heaven’s various profiles can be found here:

small update: the number of 100% confirmed people who haven’t ever gotten their money back from her is currently at 5. there are likely several more. i’ll be compiling screencaps and proof soon. please let me know if you or anyone you know has been scammed by heaven and still not gotten money back.


ok so Mituna was (and is) just the cutest thing ever???????????????